Building Kitchen & Dinning Room at Da Bac

A while back the Teachers approached us with a small problem. It seems they were a bit worried that the kids may not be eating very well. Remember this is a very very poor area.  They asked us it we could provide them with a small Kitchen. The Committee looked at this and saw that it came within our aims and agreed. ( Our aims being Health and Education ).  We went back and asked them where the children would be eating these meals, they replied that they would be eating them in the class rooms. The Committee discussed this and felt that eating meals in a class room was not an optimal situation. We then offered to build them a Dinning Room as well as a Kitchen for the kids.  Of course they were more than happy about that ….So take a tour below and follow our progress.


This morning a few of us traveled out to Da Bac to check on the progress. I have to say it is going along really well, as you can see from the slide show below. Of course as always there will  have to be a few minor changes plus a few extras.  But over all we were more than pleased with the result so far.


The opening of the Kitchen and Dining Hall at Da Bac Kindergarten. We were assisted in funding for this by the Consular Club, Ho Chi Minh City. It was great to see 200 children between the ages of 3 and 5 being given a substantial and nutritious meal. This will now happen every day. What a day we all had. Handing out the uniforms to the kids…So orderly and quiet no pushing or shoving. Them moving on to the first meal at the new dinning room.Another great success, thanks to all our members and sponsors.

This project has been completed. We are still providing ongoing support with school uniforms and general health concerns.