In 2006 there was a huge Cyclone that hit the Vung Tau area. It destroyed among many other structures, two classrooms at Nui Dat. This meant in effect that the Kids from grades five and grade six had no classrooms. Which caused them to travel to the next nearest school in the area. Either by foot or push bike, which was not a attractive proposition during the wet season as you can imagine.

Digging the foundations with the old class rooms in the back ground.
Entrance to the old school with the workers shed on the right.
See the old toilet in the background? Very unhealthy!
Building the new septic tank.
Starting on the walls and foundations.
The walls and fence are starting to take shape.
The roof frame is going up.
The roof iron is well on the way.
Not long to go now kids!
The fence nears completion.
Concreting the playground for all year use.
Here comes the landscaping; grass to play on and shelter from the sun.
Old classroom.
New classroom!
Nearly there!
Landscaping, many plants were donated by the parents.
The new entrance to the school.
Finished ….Complete with the kids ready to learn!

congratulations to all concerned!