Our next project is to be Quang Thanh 2 School. This school is located on the main road between Baria and Binh Ba Rubber and a few kilometers from Nui Dat. The school is both a Primary and Kindergarten, The Kindergarten has about 30 children and the Primary about 120, sixty in morning school and sixty in the afternoon.  The school is somewhat unique in that it was not built by the Government but by the local people themselves. It was poorly built originally, which is understandable, and now with age is in very bad condition. The toilets are basic, and that is being kind, and there is no running water for toilets etc. It will not be a complete rebuild but using the existing walls, we will re-roof, put in ceilings, and lights/fans, new doors and windows, tile the floors re-paint and build new toilet blocks, one for the Kindergarten and one for the Primary School. We will provide running water.  We will also provide fencing and some landscaping.  We wish to thank all members for their support in the past making the committee’s job a lot easier and look forward to your continuing support on this project.

The kindergarten.
This is the School, Quang Thanh 2.
The incoming power lines. An accident waiting to happen.
No ceilings.
The toilets.
Inside th toilets.

We Have Started 25-3-2013

Two weeks later 8-4-13

Progress at the 21-4-13


Well we did it. On the 27th of April we officially opened the new school. Thanks in no small way to our Vietnamese Builder who we have christened Bob. A incredible amount of work done in just one month. A terrific effort by all concernedWe still have to finish the landscaping and general clean up,but apart from that, its all go.


Another successful project completed.